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Collection: Turkish Waffle Towels

Like the convenience of a sleeker towel with the same ultra-soft feel? Add our lightweight Turkish waffle towels to your bathroom, gym bag, or suitcase. Perfect for anyone who travels frequently or needs to maximize storage space. The waffle material is 100% cotton and does not compromise on style or functionality. These premium products still uphold our quality standards and are sustainable, fair trade, and fair labor. They are also backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee. The added texture of the waffle material adds a visual interest that looks and feels upscale. Our Turkish waffle towels are the answer for anyone looking for a high-quality but lighter-weight option.
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  • Premium Waffle Robe
    Premium Waffle Robe - plush towel
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  • Premium Waffle Hand Towel
    Premium Waffle Hand Towel - plush towel
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  • Premium Waffle Hair Towel
    Premium Waffle Bath Towel - plush towel
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  • Premium Waffle Towel Set
    Premium Waffle Towel Set - plush towel
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